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The Shadow Box

“For the devoted couple Joe and Maggie (JON SPANO and NIKOLE MARONE) there's a duet of habit, need, and love, with a fierce undercurrent: her defiance of his death. It’s up to Joe to convince her otherwise. SPANO’S “Joe” is a brilliantly UNDERSTATED ordinary guy, to his wife Maggie’s high emotionalism. Yet Spano’s understated performance is HEART-TUGGING as he clashes with Maggie’s profound denial.” 

                                                                     (Susan Weinstein -

"The role of Joe is strongly played by Jon Spano" (     

Ripple Effect*                

Winner Phoenix Theatre’s One-Act Festival

“Powerful and tear-inducing” (Steve Parks, New York Newsday)

“A terrific selection to begin the evening… Spano shines as a clearly talented playwright. (Erika Karp, Village Times)

Eighth Wonder*          

"fascinating and moving" (

         "moves exquisitely from comedy to drama" (

                "an interesting study in celebrity" (

Real Smiles                      

"a well-written play, full of sharp-witted dialogue, deftly exploring issues of playing versus relating, loyalty versus searching,

friendship versus sex, jealousy versus trust, the fear of aging" (



Family Comes First      

"Spano has a sharp wit and lampoons everything from religion to sexuality to race, and of course everybody's favorite: incest” (

"disturbingly amusing, makes the Addams Family seem like the Osmonds" (

"hilarious, disturbing, and boasts theatre's most intriguing ensemble cast. A gem" (


Joey Variations

Winner Best Choreography NY Fringe Festival             

semi-finalist at O’Neill Playwrights Conference

semi-finalist at Lark Play Development Center

The Sweat                        

Finalist, Variations Theatre Group

Finalist, Manhattan Repertory Theatre


*Published by Smith & Kraus Best-10 Minute Play Anthologies

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